Monday, April 6, 2015

Kindness Bugs!

Welcome to this blog! I started a ministry called "Kindness Bugs" and wanted a blog about it to tell all of you about this ministry. What Kindness Bugs is:
It is a ministry to bring cheer and smiles to the sick. I chose this name because when you are sick you have a "bug" they call it. So I wanted to bring people kindness bugs! Good bugs that help you smile when you have the bad bugs. What you do:
Do you know someone who is sick? Go visit them and maybe do some chores for them. Also you can bring them a gift and/or a card with the "Kindness Bug Poem". Or you can just send them a gift/care package or a card with the poem. Either way, you can bring smiles to someone who might be having a hard time smiling. :-) I will post when I do something for someone else. Do you want to share if you do something too? Email me a picture HERE with a description and I can post it here for everyone to see! (If you would like) I hope this encourages you to reach out to the sick around you! Have a great day! Jesus loves you!

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