Monday, April 27, 2015

The Kindness Bug Has Made Someone Smile!

Recently, I gave away two care packages to two people who have cancer. Battling cancer can be hard, but with Jesus, all things are possible. I hope these two care packages helped the two people to realize they are not alone and God will always be with them. And I hope it made them smile, even if for just a little while! :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Kindness Bug Has Made Someone Smile!

Hi Everyone!
Have you had a chance yet to bless someone? I had several. First, I went to our friend from church's house to help her. She has not been feeling well lately. She also babysits for her baby grand daughter. So I helped watch her so Grandma could could do a few things. While Baby napped, I made her date nut bread and helped fold laundry! :) I had fun and she really appreciated the help!

And then there were a few kids in our church who were sick. So I made them a activity book to do while they stayed home all day from school. Oh. And the activity book was made by "The Kindness Bug" :)

I hope I put smiles on their faces even if for just a little while!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kindness Bug Poem

Here is the Kindness Bug poem to use with your gifts. Please feel free to use this. You can make it into a label if you would like (I might at one point have a printable for you to use) and you can also change it a little bit to your liking. Well here you go!!!!

I am the Kindness Bug here for you.
Though not like other bugs which make you feel blue.
I am here to bring you some nice cheer.
I hope I’ll make you smile, even if for just a little while.
Enjoy your gift and don’t forget to smile!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Kindness Bugs!

Welcome to this blog! I started a ministry called "Kindness Bugs" and wanted a blog about it to tell all of you about this ministry. What Kindness Bugs is:
It is a ministry to bring cheer and smiles to the sick. I chose this name because when you are sick you have a "bug" they call it. So I wanted to bring people kindness bugs! Good bugs that help you smile when you have the bad bugs. What you do:
Do you know someone who is sick? Go visit them and maybe do some chores for them. Also you can bring them a gift and/or a card with the "Kindness Bug Poem". Or you can just send them a gift/care package or a card with the poem. Either way, you can bring smiles to someone who might be having a hard time smiling. :-) I will post when I do something for someone else. Do you want to share if you do something too? Email me a picture HERE with a description and I can post it here for everyone to see! (If you would like) I hope this encourages you to reach out to the sick around you! Have a great day! Jesus loves you!